Our activities

Equipment and Instrumental analysis for industry and research is at the heart of our business system. We offer a high-quality portfolio of sceintific products, including labware and instrumentation for sample preparation, as well as an exceptionally wide variety of components for spectroscopic and optical analysis methods.

Our Team

A team with more than 20 years of experience trains customers and provides support and optimal possible solutions for their specific applications and goals.

Our Location

The company has been headquartered in Bucharest, Capital of Romania, since its founding; activating throughout Romania and Europe.

Our service

Company's main domains of specialized activities are:

  • Scientific, Life-science & Medical laboratory equipments, disposables and supplies.
  • Testing, Simulating, Measuring & Control Equipment for industrial and commercial automatization and quality control
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Safety products supplies

High-quality products and customer-focused service are indispensable for us in order to guarantee your satisfaction
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Our Certifications

  • Quality Management EN ISO 9001:2020
  • Environmental Management EN ISO 14001:2020