laboratory furnace

Furnaces, Heating Ovens, Microbiological Incubators, Thermostatic Baths, Heating mantles and Incinerators designed to meet the necessities of modern labs and industry.


Cold Storage systems and boxes are essential for any kind of activities; includes Cryo preservation, Ultra Low Freezing, Cold conservation chambers, freezers and refrigerators.

Measuring instruments

laboratory instruments

Measuring devices for all research and fundamental determinations of physical, chemical, mechanical or thermodynamic proprties

laboratory centrifuge

Equipment f or a wide range of sample preparation and processing for any need, varying from grinding and mixing to seperation and filtration.

laboratory pipette

For complex and routine titrating, pipetting, microplate filling, dilutions, dosing, filling and pumping; MultiLab offers a variety of instruments to meet your liquid handling tasks.

water samplers

Various samplers, sampling systems and sampling equipment with comprehensive accessories for air, gases, water, liquids and solids

laboratory water-purifier

New Generation Systems for Generating pirogen free distilled water, pure & ultra pure water; designed for laboratories, industrial and production processing plants


laboratory microscope

Extensive range of Inverted, Metallurgical, Clinical, Biological for research and inspection providing detailed 2D and 3D HD images

laboratory spectrophotometer

Full spectral quantitative analysis UV, VIS, IR and NIR spectrophotometer with over 220 pre-programmed methods optimized for research and routine laboratory tasks

laboratory safety-cabinets

Certified Class I and II Biosafety Cabinets (BSCs) that provide personnel, product, and environmental protection through the use of laminar air flow, HEPA, ULPA filtration and UV rays

laboratory fume-hood

Certified fume cupboards for handling toxic gases, fumes, particles or liquids in dangerous quantities and concentrations

Laboratory Furniture

laboratory furniture

Certified laboratory furniture customized and designed to suit the needs of every lab with wide range of optional sink units, storage cupboards and accesories